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Privacy and Cookies


The GAC is committed to protecting your personal information and this document aims to help understand what information I may collect about you and how I use it.


A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website server and that only that server will be able to retrieve or read its content.. It contains some anonymous information and allows the website to remember, eg, your preferences or what's in your cart. Following changes to the Privacy deriving from the Electronic Communications Directive, the use of cookies to collect your data is allowed only with consent. The changes made are intended to make it easier to get to know and control what information the sites keep about you.


The GAC could use cookies for several reasons. In some parts of the site cookies are essential and without them you would not be able to use my services.

I am always looking for ways to improve my website and to make my services easier. To do this, it is important for me to understand how my services and sites are used. Cookies also help me to provide you with a better and richer experience, for example, suggesting products that interest you: cookies facilitate this operation. Instead of a very long list, we have classified the cookies that we use according to their type of use and we classify them as: essential, functional, statistics, behavioral, third party.


The "Help" section of your browser should be able to help you manage cookie settings. If you don't want to receive cookies, you can change your browser so that it notifies you when they are sent. It is also possible to delete cookies that have already been stored at any time, via browser settings. You can choose whether or not to accept the cookies that are set by our site and our suppliers, on the cookie settings page. I inform you that most of my website works without the use of cookies, but that if you choose to disable some of them, features and functionality are lost.

The GAC is not responsible for the content of third party websites that may or may not set cookies.


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"Essential" cookies are cookies that are strictly necessary to allow specific requested functions. Some features of our sites, such as facilitated login to our services, they do not work without the use of cookies and not only your experience on the site would be conditioned, but also the ability to do something useful.

Cookies that are essential for the use of a website are exempt under the EU directive, but we want you to have complete information about it.


"Functional" cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve your visit and experience on our site. Cooking in Rosa uses "functional" cookies to share information with partners to provide a service on our website. Shared information is used only to provide the product, service or function and not for other purposes.


"Statistical" cookies collect information on how you use our website and our services, for example which are the visited pages, and any errors that may be encountered. These cookies are completely anonymous and are used only to help us improve how our site works and understand the interests of our users.


"Monitoring" cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as 'Like' and 'Share' and monitor the effectiveness of advertising. The third party provides these services in exchange for information about whether you have visited our site. As an example, Link ai social network come Facebook, who may later use the information about your visit to direct advertising to you on other websites, provide advertising agencies with information about your visit so they can present advertisements that you may be interested in.


These allow you to provide an advertising information service of greater interest to the user, showing you products similar to those you've looked at previously, through the acquisition of information derived from the User's navigation and from the use of some Services offered. The use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data, but it can allow recognition of your computer or other devices.


Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can also choose not to accept them. We recommend not to disable this function, since this could prevent you from moving freely from one page to another and enjoying all the peculiarities of the site. If you don't want your computer to receive and store cookies, you can change the security settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc.). To limit, block or delete cookies just act on the settings of your browser. Here are the detailed instructions for each browser:


Run the Chrome browser

Click on the chrome settings icon menu in the browser toolbar next to the url entry window for navigation

Select Settings

Click Show Advanced Settings

In the "Privacy" section click on the "Content settings" button

In the "Cookies" section you can change the following cookie settings:

Allow saving data locally

Change the local data only until the browser is closed

Prevent sites from setting cookies

Block third-party cookies and site data

Manage exceptions for some websites

Elimination of one or all cookies


Run the Mozilla Firefox browser

Click on the firefox settings icon menu in the browser toolbar next to the url entry window for navigation

Select Options

Select the Privacy panel

Click Show Advanced Settings

In the "Privacy" section click on the "Content settings" button

In the "Tracking" section you can change the following cookie settings:

Ask the sites not to make any tracking

Notify sites of availability to be tracked

Do not communicate any preference regarding the tracking of personal data

From the "History" section it is possible:

By enabling "Use custom settings" select to accept third-party cookies (always, from the most visited sites or ever) and to keep them for a specified period (until they expire, when closing Firefox or asking every time)

Remove the individual cookies stored


Run the Internet Explorer browser

Click the Tools button and choose Internet Options

Click on the Privacy tab and in the Settings section change the slider according to the desired action for cookies:

Block all cookies

Allow all cookies

Selection of sites from which to obtain cookies: move the cursor to an intermediate position so as not to block or allow all cookies, then click on Sites, in the Website Address box, enter a website and then click on Block or Allow


Run the Safari browser

Click on Safari, select Preferences and press on Privacy

In the Block Cookies section, specify how Safari must accept cookies from websites.

To view which sites have stored cookies click on Details


Run the iOS Safari Browser

Tap on Settings and then Safari

Tap on Block Cookies and choose from the various options: "May", "Third party and advertisers" or "Always"

To delete all cookies stored by Safari, tap on Settings, then on Safari and finally on Clear Cookies and data


Run the Opera browser

Click on Preferences then on Advanced and finally on Cookies

Select one of the following options:

Accept all cookies

Accept cookies only from the site you visit: third-party cookies that are sent from a domain other than the one you are visiting will be rejected

Never accept cookies: all cookies will never be saved